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Earning the Personal Management Merit Badge


The personal management merit badge is very long. It requires several weeks of expense tracking, budgeting, and time management practice. You need to learn a lot of vocabulary relating to managing money and time. 

Personal Management Merit Badge Class

The way I earned the personal management merit badge, is in a merit badge class. My troop did a class for scouts who wanted or needed to earn that merit badge. Once a week we would meet and do one requirement each week. We started our budgets and expense trackers at the beginning, and we finished them at the end. If you want to do a merit badge class, find out if a merit badge counselor in your troop would be willing to hold a class. If you don't want to take a merit badge class, you can earn it individually. Find a merit badge counselor in your troop and ask them if they will help you.

Requirements 1 &3

Requirement #1 requires you to find an item that you would like to buy and make a plan on how to earn the money so that you can buy it. Requirement 3 is about your experience with the item that you bought, and whether you thought it was worth it to buy that item.

Requirement 2

Requirement 2 is creating a budget. You must create a budget and expense tracker for 13 consecutive weeks. For the expense tracker, it should show each deposit and withdraw that you make and the date and description, and the total balance after that transaction. For the budget, it should show your projected income and expenses, and your actual income and expenses. I have made a template for free public use that can be found right here: Free Budget Template.

Requirements 4,5,6, and 7.

These requirements are mostly just talking with your merit badge counselor. You will need to know about income, expenses, investments, banking, loans, and lots of other money management definitions. You should study beforehand and then fill your answers out in your workbook before you go to see your counselor. You can find all the information that you need in the Personal Management Merit Badge Pamphlet.

Requirements 8,9, and 10.

Requirement 8 says that you need to plan a 1-week schedule to manage your time. You list everything you need to do, and when you will do it, and you write something for every hour of every day for 1 week. Include sleeping, eating, regular daily activities such as homework, and anything else you will do in your schedule. Requirement 9 says that you need to plan a project such as a campout or a service project. Figure out everything you need, how much money it will cost, and how much time it will take. You don't have to actually do this project. Requirement 10 says that you need to choose a career that you are interested in. You will need to figure out what education and training you need to have that career and how much money you will make.


The personal management is a long merit badge. It takes weeks and weeks of work managing budgets, expense trackers, schedules and you need to learn a lot about money management. If you like this post, share it on social media and leave a comment below. Subscribe to scouting overload to get new content every week! Please buy delicious popcorn to support Troop 30 and Scouts BSA. Buy popcorn here!



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