The Scout Oath

The Scout Oath is something that All Scouts learn. It might be immediately after you join scouting, it might take a few weeks, but every scout memorizes it. You say the Scout oath every week at your scout meeting, at every scout camp out, and at all other scouting events. 

On my honor, I will do my best to:

  • To Do my Duty to God and My Country
  • To Obey the Scout Law
  • To help other people at all times
  • To Keep myself Physically Strong Mentally Awake and Morally Straight

Do my Duty to God and My Country

To do your duty to god, you can follow the rules that your parents and religious leaders give you. To do your duty to your country, you participate in service projects and help other people. You also respect the flag, pay taxes and vote when you get older, and learn about American history and heritage.

To Obey the Scout Law

This means to follow all 12 points of the scout law at all times. I have written a post on the Scout Law.

To Help other People at All Times

If you help other people at all times, you participate in service projects, help anyone in need, and do a good turn daily.

To Keep my self Physically Strong, Mentally Awake, and Morally Straight

Keeping yourself physically strong means that you take care of yourself. You eat healthy foods, you exercise plenty, you get enough sleep, and you avoid drugs and alcohol. Keeping yourself mentally awake means staying aware and attentive and keeping your mind strong. Do your best in school and outside school. To keep yourself morally straight means to respect and protect the rights of all people, follow all the rules, and follow your religious beliefs. 


The scout law is something that you will learn as a scout and live by the rest of your life. Sometimes it is hard to understand what it means but once you learn in, it can make yours and other's lives a lot better. If you like this then share it on social media and leave a comment with your thoughts. Subscribe to Scouting Overload for weekly emails with all our new content.