A few of the best things to have in a mess kit.

Every scout needs a mess kit. When you go camping, you need a mess kit to make your meals. Every mess kit needs a pot with a lid, skillet, spork, and a small measuring cup. If you are interested in cooking, you can earn the eagle-required cooking merit badge. Also, some mess kits have soup bowls, soup spoons, soup ladles, sponges, knives, and other items. 

Pot with Lid1. Pot with Lid

Every mess kit needs a pot with a lid. Most of the rest of the mess kit can fit inside it for compact storage. You use this to make anything that would normally require a bowl, such as oatmeal or soup, and once you cook out of it, you can eat out of it so long as you didn't have any contaminates such as raw meat. This is what you use to boil water. One of my favorite meals to make on campouts is Lentil Soup(I will write a post on this in the future). 

2.  Skillet

You can make lots of things in this skillet. It is a little wider than the pot with some mess kits so you can put in under the pot for more compact storage. You can use this to make eggs or anything else that you would normally require a skillet to cook.

3. Spork

Most scouts and leaders have their own set of camping silverware or a bunch of disposable forks and spoons. But reusable sporks are good for the environment, inexpensive, and often times they come included with a mess kit.

4. Measuring Cup

This cup usually has 1/4 cup, 1/2 cup, 3/4 cup, and 1 cup measurements. You can use this to measure water for any recipe that uses water. You can use this when making oatmeal, lentil soup, or anything else that uses water to cook with. You can also drink out of it like a normal cup if you don't want to drink directly out of your water bottle or for any other reason.
Wooden Spoon

5. Other Items

Some mess kits have a soup ladle, soup spoon, soup bowl, sponge, and knives. These items are all great to have in a mess kit as long as they don't interfere with the mess kits' ability to be stored in a compact space.


A mess kit is an essential item for a scout. It has several different tools in it, each one is something you need to cook your meals on campouts. Some have more items than others and some are more compact and lightweight than others. If you like this post, share it on social media and leave a comment below! Please subscribe to scouting overload to get new content from scouting overload each week.


  1. Our Eagle Scout would agree that a mess kit is essential for a successful camping experience.


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