The Outdoor Code

The outdoor code is something that every scout needs to know. You say it every week at your troop meetings, and at every campout. All scouts need to know the outdoor code, but what does the outdoor code mean? What does each individual part mean? I am going to talk about what the outdoor code is and what it means. 

As an American, I will do my best to:

Be Clean in your Outdoor Manners

The first part of the outdoor code is to Be Clean in your Outdoor Manners. This means that you won't litter, you won't leave your trash, and you will clean up after yourself. When you go camping, throw your trash in the trash can or dumpster at the campsite. If you are in a place with no trash cans -the middle of the woods- pack your trash in your backpacks and take it home with you. You can put it in the trash can when you get home. 

Be Careful with Fire

The second part of the Outdoor code is that you will be careful with fire. When you build a campfire, you put it in a fire ring. If the camp doesn't have a metal one, or you are in the wilderness, build one out of rocks. Clear away all the leaves and flammable material around the fire ring, and have a bucket of water handy. Make sure to always have someone at the campfire. Don't throw in rocks, propane tanks, or anything else that could explode. Don't throw anything plastic in either, plastic can create black smoke that is harmful to the environment and humans.

Be Considerate in the Outdoors

Being considerate of the outdoors is important. It is the third part of the Outdoor Code  This means that you will respect wildlife. Don't feed the animals, don't aggravate the animals, don't get too close to the animals. Consider other visitors at your campsite, make sure that you stay quiet at night so that other visitors in your camping area can sleep. Treat private and public property with respect. You will camp on durable surfaces.

Be Conservation Minded

The fourth part of the Outdoor Code is that you will be conservation-minded. If you are conservation-minded, you respect wildlife and leave what you find. If you see a flower that you like, don't take it home with you, leave it there so that other people can see it too. Don't litter or do anything that could cause pollution. Do whatever you can to conserve nature and encourage others to be conservation-minded.


The Outdoor Code is something that every scout needs to know. Scouts say it every week at troop meetings and campouts. This goes along great with Leave No Trace If you like this, please share it on social media. What are ways that you think you can follow the outdoor code? Leave your answer in a comment! Subscribe to Scouting Overload to get new content each week!


  1. It’s important to take care of the earth! I love this post.

  2. Walt, these are great reminders for all of us.


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