The EDGE Method: What it is and how to use it

Lots of requirements ask you to use the EDGE method. But what is the EDGE method? It stands for Explain, Demonstrate, Guide, Enable. I am going to walk you through how to use it to teach and help other people.
The EDGE Method


If you are trying to teach something by using the edge method, the first step is to explain. Tell them what you are doing, how to do it, and any other details that might be important. Be sure to include lots of details about how you do each thing and why.


Next, demonstrate the thing that you are trying to teach. Point out each thing that you talked about as you do it. Show exactly how to do each thing while re-explaining it as you do.


The Square Knot
The third step of the EDGE method is to guide the person in using the skill you are teaching them. You have that person use the skill while you tell them each step to do and help them fix their mistakes.


Have them repeat it over and over again until they can do it without any help. Once you think that they have memorized how to do it, tell them to practice a little bit at home every day until they have completely memorized it. If they need to know that skill for an advancement or merit badge, have a scout leader or merit badge counselor come in and watch them do it.


Teaching the EDGE method is required in order to earn the star, life, and eagle ranks. It is also required for some merit badges.  You have probably been taught something with the EDGE method before. If you can use the EDGE method, you can teach anything to anyone. If you like this please share it on social media and leave a comment with your thoughts. Subscribe to Scouting Overload for more content every week!