The Scout Law, Motto, and Slogan

Prepared. For Life
The Scout Law, Motto, and Slogan are 3 phrases that all scouts should know. You say them almost every week at your troop meetings, whenever you go on campouts, and at other scouting events too. They have points describing how scouts should act. 

The Scout Law

The scout law is something that can be very hard to memorize. Eventually, every scout memorizes it because you say it every week. The Scout Law consists of 12 points that need to be memorized and said in the correct order. 


The first point of the scout law is trustworthy. If you are trustworthy you don't lie and you keep up with the commitments that you have made. You can be trusted by other people.


Loyal is the second point in the scout law. Loyalty is support and allegiance to a person or institution. If you are loyal, you show up at scout meetings and give scouting events priority over other things.


Helpful is the third point in the scout law. If you are helpful, you will help anyone who wants or needs it. You will be willing to attend service projects, even if you don't always want to. If an adult asks you to do something, you do it. If you see another scout struggling to complete a task, and you aren't busy, go and help them.


The fourth point in the scout law is friendly. If you are friendly, you are kind to everyone in your troop. You don't say mean things to or about people. When someone new joins the troop, you will be welcoming and nice to them.


Courteous is the fifth point in the scout law. If you are courteous you are polite to everyone, you have good manners with scout leaders and other adults, and you are considerate of those around you.


The sixth point in the scout law is kind. If you are kind, you will treat everyone nicely. You will be friendly to everyone you meet.


Obedient is the seventh point in the scout law. If you are obedient, you will obey all your scout leaders and other adults. If they give you a task, you will do it without arguing. 


Cheerful is the eighth point in the scout law. When you are cheerful, you will be happy, and do everything you do without complaining or arguing. You will be happy and nice to people.


Thrifty is the ninth point in the scout law. If you are thrifty, you are able to make do with what you have. You don't waste things. You are careful with your resources.


The 10th point in the scout law is brave. If you are brave, you might be scared, but you will continue to face your fears.


Clean is the 11th point in the scout law. This one is very important. You need to wash your hands using soap and water all the time. Before you eat, after you play outside, after you use the bathroom, and any other time you think you need to.


The 12th and final point in the scout law is reverent. If you are reverent, you will show respect to the church or your religious organization. 

The Scout Motto

The Scout Motto is "Be Prepared". This means that you should think about everything that might happen and prepare for it. If you are prepared, you have a plan for everything, you bring everything you need, and you know what to do in almost any situation.

The Scout Slogan

The Scout Slogan is "Do a Good Turn Daily". This doesn't mean each day, go out and get in your car and make a nice left turn and follow every single law precisely. Doing a good turn is doing a good deed for someone without being asked or expecting a reward. 


These are the scout law, Scout motto, and Scout slogan. It can take a little bit of time, but every scout will eventually memorize them all. If you like this, please share this on social media and leave a comment with your thoughts. Subscribe to Scouting Overload for new content every week!


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