The 8 Steps of the First Aid Method

First Aid is one of the largest aspects of Scouting. It is required to earn the scout, tenderfoot, second class, and first class ranks. There is an entire merit badge dedicated to first aid and it is eagle required. I have written a post on earning the First Aid Merit Badge. I am going to talk about the 8 steps of the First Aid Method.
The First Aid Merit Badge

The 8 Steps of the First Aid Method

The First Aid Method is the most important thing that you need to know in order to earn the first aid merit badge. I talked a little about it in the First Aid Merit Badge post, but I will go into a lot more detail here. The first aid method describes what to do when you find someone who is hurt or injured. You need to know each of the 8 steps and their order.

Check The Scene

When you see someone who might be hurt or injured you don't want to just approach, you want to look around to make sure it is safe to approach. If they are in the water, they might have gotten electrocuted, you don't want to touch them or the water and then get electrocuted yourself. There might be a large alligator nearby and you don't want it to injure you. This might also tell you what happened to them.

Call For Help

You want to call 911. If there are other people around ask someone to do it. Call out a specific person so that people don't argue over who needs to do it. If there is no one else around you need to call 911 yourself. Tell the operator where you are, who you are, what happened, and anything else they ask for or need to know. 

Approach Safely

Now that you know what happened, you can approach the scene without getting hurt or injured. Approach safely and look at what happened, try to figure out what, if any, urgent treatment they need. 

Provide Urgent Treatment

If they need any urgent treatment, treat them. Be as careful as possible. You don't want to injure them more. Providing urgent treatment might include giving CPR.

Protect from Further Injury

Now, you need to figure out what to do in order to protect someone from further injury and then do that. If there is a dangerous animal or a fallen power line or some other danger nearby, you should move them. If they have head or neck injuries you need to be very careful. Only move them if absolutely necessary. 

Treat for Shock

Now, you want treat the victim for shock. Shock is when the person's blood flow slows down. It is a life threatening condition that can happen when someone is injured. To treat someone for shock, you need to have them lay down. If possible, elevate their feet about 12 inches.

Make a Thorough Examination

Examine the scene. Gather as much information as possible, write everything down on a notepad. This is so that when the paramedics arrive, you have a lot of information for them.

Plan a Course of Action

Make a plan for everything that you are going to do until the first responders arrive. This includes any other treatment you will provide to the victim, if you are going to move them, or help them move to a different spot, or anything else you would consider. 


The First Aid Method is the most important thing you need to know to get the First Aid Merit Badge, and to save someones life! You need to know the 8 steps and the order that they are in. If you like this, please share it on social media and leave a comment. Subscribe to Scouting Overload for new content every week.


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